14) 'Divine Pictures' XIV, David Beeri 1028x768
Girl-Beauty, David Beeri
Dance in the Descending Light, 2017
Dream Island, 2012
Hungarian Bridge, 2004
Surreal Light, 2004
In Evening Light, 2018
Evening on the Puszta, 2011
Fortress, 2012
Candles, 2012
Nocturnal Light,  2004

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Quote of the Week

World Portrait 2012

World Portrait

'One world, many colors.

Each nation is equally indispensable for creating the beauty of this united, peaceful, and vivid color palette.'

David Beeri

Rising Sun

Do you feel as the warmth of the Sun slowly brings the rocks alive?...

 ‘The great realist, Manet claimed that “light has the main role in a painting”. His statement could well be justified with the works of David Beeri, but in Beeri’s case the explanation for the things is hidden in deeper structures than that. In his works it is usually the background which creates the motives.’

Adrienn Hasso, 2006


When you are in love everything around you blooms like this flower-tree.

'His works are made impressively ethereal by a special source of inspiration, unusual spiritualization and light radiating from within.’

Dr. Ferenc Matits, Art historian


'David Beeri's art is matchless and unreproducible in every aspect.'

Dr. Ferenc Matits, Art historian



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